How to contact PRA

Telephone number

We can be reached from Monday to Thursday between 08.30 AM and 08.00 PM and on Friday between 08:30 AM and 05:00 PM via:
From The Netherlands: 0800-0292044.
From Belgium: 0800-89036
From Germany: 0800-0713579 
From other countries: 0031 50 850 5798.

Location research center

Research Center Groningen, location Martini 
Van Swietenlaan 6
9728 NZ Groningen
The Netherlands

Route, bus & parking: Onderzoekscentrum Groningen Martini

Locations medical screening centers

Medical Screening Center Groningen, location Martini
Van Swietenlaan 6
9728 NZ Groningen
The Netherlands

Route, bus & parking: Medical Screening Center Groningen

Medical Screening Center Utrecht
YinYang building 
Euclideslaan 1 
3584 BL Utrecht
The Netherlands

Route: Medical Screening Center Utrecht

Postal address

Antwoordnummer 693
9700 WB Groningen
The Netherlands


Location PRA Offices Groningen

PRA Offices
Paterswoldseweg 813
9728 BM Groningen

Route: PRA Offices                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Bioanalytical Laboratory

Bioanalytical Laboratory
Amerikaweg 18
9407 TK Assen
The Netherlands

Route: Lab Assen

You can obtain further information on how to reach us via public transport by calling 0900 92929 (only in the Netherlands) or via the website

PRA continuously works on improving the experience of volunteers who stay in our research center and participate in research. Do you have a compliment, complaint or comment? Then please let us know via the contact form. 

- Fenny (Recruiter PRA)
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