In our research center

At PRA's research center you take part in drug research. The research center is like a hospital, but far cozier. You eat, sleep and stay together with the other participants. The doctors and nurses do their research at fixed times. But you are free to plan most of the time as you want.

Free time

Some participants deliberately use their free time at the research center to relax. A small break from your everyday life. There is time to study, read a book in our garden, or challenge fellow participants to a game of table tennis or darts. Computers, video game consoles, TVs, and DVDs and Netflix are available in the living room. Wireless internet is also available for your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Some researches take longer than ten days. In those cases, you can receive visitors during the day after consultation with us. But for the longer researches, PRA also plans outings. These can include going bowling, enjoying a boat excursion, going to a sports event or getting a relaxing massage.

The research

During the research, you will be administered a drug. The doctors and nurses will continuously monitor how your body responds to this by checking your blood and urine and by measuring your vital functions such as temperature, respiration, blood pressure, and heart rate. 


The Netherlands has strict rules about drug research with participants (formally referred to as study subjects). PRA strictly adheres to these rules. All studies are supervised and carried out by expert doctors, pharmacists, scientific researchers, and nurses. The study rooms are equipped with modern medical equipment. All participants take part voluntarily and have the right to withdraw from the study at any time. In a nutshell: your well-being and safety always comes first.


During your stay, you can save up a nice compensation. The compensation is based on the minimum wage, the length of the study, and the mental and physical inconvenience you experience as a participant. For example: the longer the study takes and the more often blood is drawn, the higher your compensation will be. In addition, you will receive a compensation for the travel costs. Read more about the compensation