Frequently asked questions


How often can I take part?

You may take part in four studies per year. There must be a period of at least 30 days between each study. A longer waiting time applies for some studies. 

Can side effects be predicted?

Unfortunately, not all side effects of a drug can be predicted. However, doctors can estimate which side effects will occur based on previous research. During the study, the doctors and nurses carefully monitor participants. 

What happens if somebody becomes ill during the study?

PRA's doctors, researchers, and nurses carefully monitor the participants. Each room has an emergency button and all participants carry a personal alarm. If there are signs that something is not going well, then the study is immediately stopped. 

What are the requirements to be allowed to take part in a study?

First of all, you must be eighteen years or older and be a resident of the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. Besides that, you must be registered at a general practice. A period of at least two months must have passed since you last took part in a study. You must be in a good state of health. This also means that you have not recently used any medicines or addictive substances. Further requirements vary per study. See all current studies.

Which other people are taking part in the study?

A study usually consists of five to twelve volunteers. Depending on the study, a group is put together based on various characteristics, such as age and gender, for example. In addition, there are studies that specifically request volunteers who are in the menopause, have diabetes or have a light asthma. These requirements are described in each study. See all current studies.

Will blood samples be drawn every day?

Yes, because the collection of blood samples is very important for the research. Blood will be drawn several times a day. Sometimes blood will be drawn directly from a vein. But you will also receive a cannula: a peripheral venous catheter that will remain in your vein for a longer period of time. This allows the doctor or nurse to draw blood without having to constantly prick you. Read more about the research and the research center.

Can I stop with the research if it does not suit me?

You can decide to quit the study at any moment. However, this does mean that you will lose part or all of the compensation. In some cases, you might need to leave due to exceptional circumstances in your family or because you have to stop early due to side effects. In such cases, we will discuss the size of the compensation on an individual basis.

Why do I have to sign an informed consent form?

By placing your signature under the information and informed consent form, you state that you have carefully thought about your participation in the study, that you have properly understood all the information, and that you are willing to participate in the study.

I have been approved. Am I a participant or a reserve candidate?

Approval for the study does not always mean that you will actually be a participant. As people can always be rejected or find themselves unable to participate at the last minute, we always need reserve participants. We therefore do not know in advance whether you will be a participant or a reserve.

The research physician will decide who will take part shortly before the first dose is administered. This decision will be based on all available data about you and the other potential participants. If it turns out that you are not eligible for participation as a reserve, then you can contact the Recruitment Office to find out if you can still participate in the same study or in another study in the short term.

If you have been rejected, we can also see whether you are perhaps eligible for another study. The compensation for a reserve is determined per individual study. If you still want to participate in a following group or in another study, then we will try to give you as much priority as possible.


What does the research center look like?

The research center in Groningen looks a bit like a hospital, but cozier. There are bedrooms, a dining room and a living room. You can play pool and darts, use a computer or watch DVDs. Doctors and nurses wear their white coats and there is modern medical equipment. Read more about the stay at the research center.

May I receive visitors during my participation in the study?

Yes, you may receive visitors in consultation with the doctor or nurse, but not on days when blood is drawn. Visitors may not bring bags into the center due to house rules concerning the use of food and drinks. 

May I bring along a mobile phone, laptop or tablet?

Yes. Wireless internet is available at the research centers in Groningen. You can also bring your own movies (DVD or Blu-ray) and games (PlayStation 3) for the video players and video game consoles in the living room. PRA is not responsible for theft or damage to your property.

Which rules apply during the stay at the research center?

Certain house rules apply to all volunteers at the research center in Groningen to allow a good comparison of research results. Cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine are excluded in most studies and there is a fixed daily routine. You are also not allowed to leave the research center without supervision. The house rules will be explained to you before the study starts. 

What can I do with my time during the day?

Besides the set moments for the research, you have a lot of time for yourself. The research centers offer wireless internet, TVs with a DVD or Blue-ray player or Netflix, as well as computers and video game consoles in the living room. You can also play darts, pool and table tennis. Some participants really take this time for themselves. They study or read a book. During longer studies, PRA organizes activities and workshops. 


What payment do I receive for taking part in the research?

Depending on the specific research, you will receive a compensation between € 121,- and € 227,- per day. In addition, you will receive a compensation for the travel costs you incur. Parking costs will not be compensated.

Do I have to pay tax over the compensation?

In principle, you do. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration considers the compensation to be income from work.

Does the size of the compensation have anything to do with the risk I am taking?

No. A drug has been investigated for many years in the laboratory before it is tested on volunteers. Based on this research and previous studies, the doctors and researchers of PRA can estimate which risks might be present. The size of the compensation for participating in a study is determined by length of the study and the medical procedures.


I have a question about the payment of my compensation

For questions about the payment of your compensation, please contact us via the live chat or the contact form.

Do I receive a compensation for introducing a new volunteer?

Are you a participant at PRA and do you know of other people who would like to take part? Then register them now! We are grateful for each person that you register, and you will receive € 200 from us for your effort for each person who actually takes part in a drug study at PRA.

You can find more information on our Recruit a participant page.



I will travel by car to PRA in Groningen, where can I park my car?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to park your car on the PRA car park.

You can park in the parking garage of the Martini Hospital (350m from PRA). However, this is paid parking. These costs will not be reimbursed.

Alternatively, you can use one of the two P+R Transfer stations nearby Groningen (P+R Transferium Haren/A28 or P+R Transferium Hoogkerk/A7) from where you can continue to PRA by bus. Parking here is free of charge, you only have to pay for the public transport. You can find more information about this in the directions on this page.

You can also park your car free of charge in the districts surrounding PRA (the districts Hoornsemeer and Corpus den Hoorn).

Can I stay for the night before my medical examination or my visit to the research center?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stay the night at the research center on the day before the medical examination or the start of the study. It is possible to book a hotel or bed and breakfast near the research centers. 

Is information about medical-scientific research available from the Dutch government?

Yes. You can download an information booklet for study subjects who participate in medical research on the website of the Dutch government here.

I have a compliment, complaint or comment for PRA.

PRA is continuously working on improving the experience of volunteers who stay in our research centers and participate in research. Do you have a compliment, complaint or comment? Then please let us know via the live chat on this website or by phone. See our contact page.