Why participate

Because you want to do something good for somebody else? Because your mother had that illness? Or because you get a nice compensation for it? There are plenty of reasons to take part in drug research and by doing so, to improve people's quality of life by working together with PRA.

This is why you participate in drug research

You can participate in drug research for various reasons. For example, because you want to give patients a better life. Or because you have a lot of time to spend freely during the research and you want to use the time at the research center in a pleasant or worthwhile manner. Or because you receive a compensation. Taking part in drug research is a worthwhile activity for everybody involved.

Taking part in PRA's drug research gives me two things. A compensation and time to study. That’s why I bring my laptop and study books to the research center. In the free time during the research, I can quietly prepare for my exams. And after I have completed the research, I receive my compensation.

- Bas (23)

You are important for the development of new and better drugs

New research would not be possible without participants, and that would mean there would be no new drugs for patients. That is why PRA values people like you so much, people who participate in one of the studies into a new or improved drug. Each year about 2000 people in the Netherlands take part in drug research at PRA's research center.

I want to contribute to a better world. For people who are ill, but also everybody who is currently healthy, as everybody can contract a disease. Because I take part in research, drugs can be developed that improve people's lives. And being a part of that process gives me a good feeling.

- Simone (47)