Recruit a participant

Receive € 200 for each participant you sign up!

Recruit a participant

Share your experience and earn a nice bonus for every participant you sign up! Know any other people who would be interested in participating just like you? Tell them about pharmaceutical research and put their name down! You will receive € 200 for every person you sign up and who actually participates in pharmaceutical research at PRA. 

In order to qualify for this bonus, you must have participated at least once in pharmaceutical research at PRA so that you can tell others about your experience as a participant. The new participant you sign up cannot already be registered at PRA. You will receive your bonus once the person you sign up has participated.

Recruit a participant
  • Complete the form together with the new participant you wish to sign up. Make sure the new participant completes the top part of the form and accepts the terms and conditions. Enter your own details in the bottom part.

  • Personal details new volunteer

  • Your own personal details