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Important work, nice benefits.

Medical Research in The Netherlands: No research without volunteers

New research would not be possible without volunteers, and that would mean there would be no new drugs for patients. That is why PRA values people like you so much, people who participate in one of the studies into a new or improved drug. Each year about 2000 people in the Netherlands take part in drug research at PRA's research centers. They are healthy volunteers, but also patients. And each person has his or her own reasons for doing this. Some do it to help somebody else, or because they receive a nice remuneration for it. Whatever the reason is, PRA makes your stay at the research center in Groningen, The Netherlands as worthwhile as possible.


No new drugs without research

PRA Health Sciences in the Netherlands is a specialist in drug research that works with volunteers. The volunteers in the studies are healthy people, but sometimes patients as well [In PRA's studies, these are often people with asthma, diabetes or Parkinson's disease.]. PRA's doctors and researchers investigate the effects of new or improved drugs as well as any side effects these may have. Extensive research on people is a compulsory step in the development of drugs. A new drug can only be launched onto the market after multiple studies with positive results.

This is why you participate in drug research

You can participate in drug research for various reasons. For example, because you want to give patients a better life. Or because you have a lot of time to spend freely during the research and you want to use the time at the research center in a pleasant or worthwhile manner. Or because you receive a remuneration. Taking part in drug research is a worthwhile activity for everybody involved.